Thank You For Your Interest!
Please Read This Page Carefully

I realize that you are landing on a page that you were not expecting. There is a reason for that.
I have decided to change my focus.

What's your new focus Scott?
I have chosen to jump back into the marketing/advertising industry and become a media buyer that works from home for business owners, coaches, consultants and non-fiction authors.

I have always had a passion for marketing/advertising. I want to be in this industry again to help companies and individuals spend money on advertising and making it profitable for them... especially on the other side of this crazy Pandemic we all have gone through!

How can you add value to me with your new focus Scott?
If you are serious about growing your business on the other side of this pandemic, and know that you will need to use paid advertising (mainly online) to make it happen...let's talk!

These are the specific skillsets I already have that I am bringing to the table with this new path:

Skill #1: Copywriting (ad copy + sales copy + lead generation copy + content copy)
Skill #2: Media Planning (choosing where ads will run online - EG Facebook, Google, Twitter)
Skill #3: Creating Marketing Funnels (the process visitors go down leading to a conversion)
Skill #4: Campaign Analysis and Optimization (for the paid media campaigns)
Skill #5: Website Analysis and Optimization (for the behavior happening on the website)
Skill #6: Social Media Marketing (use tools like fb/twitter to create add value + drive traffic)
Skill #7: Content Marketing (using content online to drive organic traffic into a businesses site)
Skill #8: SEO (I have a basic understanding of this and how to execute SEO plans)
Skill #9: PR (getting you media exposure in magazines/newspapers/TV)
Skill #10: Infusionsoft/LeadPages/ClickFunnels/Google Analytics etc. (setting up these tools)
Skill #11: Book Launch Planning (from book idea to published book to marketing success)
Skill #12: Marketing Research (understanding the market before executing a campaign)

If any of this interests you, and you want to learn more about working with me...
Send an email to MediaBuyerScott [at] gmail [dot] com
In the subject line put: Your New Focus - Interested
We can schedule a call and go from there...

I will approach our call from a position of "How can I help?"

On our call, I will spend time in the beginning listening to where you are with things.

Then I will lay out for you what I believe will be the best course of action from this point.

From there...I will let you know what capital and/or time investment it will take to get started.

And then you can choose to move forward or not.

I like to keep things very simple and straight forward!

As an added bonus...I will send you a specific spreadsheet that I use to effectively plan any Facebook Ad Campaign that I want to set up. This spreadsheet will shorten the time it takes for you to get the clarity you need when planning your Facebook Ads campaigns.

The fact of the matter is this...
Wheather you choose to hire me or choose to hire an agency to do this kind of work for you, the work itself that needs to be done when creating, running and optimizing a successful paid media campaign never changes.

The only thing that is different for you is...who you choose to do it WITH you.

Why are you choosing this vehicle Scott?
During the Cornoavirus pandemic, it occurred to me that businesses will more likely than not start adopting an "online first" approach to their business instead of wanting to open up a brick and mortar business location.

After the government mandated that every "non-essential" brick and mortar business shut down without any flexibility whatsoever, and I saw the negative effects of this for business owners, I made the decision at that moment to jump into this media buying and advertising world with both feet because I knew I would be able to immediately add value!

I quickly did the work to get a media buying certification from a very reputable company (AdSkills), and just went to work by letting people in my personal network that I worked with in the past know that I was getting into the media buying business and could help them!

Another selfish reason why I am choosing this new vehicle is because I want to be in a position to add value to the business community AND live anywhere I want in the world while doing this work.

When I get to where I want to be in this business, it will be the best of both worlds. I will have the freedom to live wherever I want, and earn as much or as little as I choose depending on how much work I want to take on at any given time.

What is currently on your plate right now as you scale up this new focus?
Right now I am currently located here in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Since September 2016, I have been working as a casino dealer here in the city to get into a stronger financial position to make a choice like the one I made during the Pandemic.

The two dealing jobs that I had before the Pandemic hit laid me off...and it left me collecting unemployment and thinking about the next path I was going to take so that I won't ever have to deal with something like this ever happening to me again!

So right now during the day, I am working on serving my media buying/marketing consulting clients...

And in the evening I am still working in a casino on the strip as a craps dealer.

Media buyer by day...
Casino Craps Dealer by night!!!
(Such an interesting life right now for me!)

Ultimately...I will get to a point where I won't be dealing Craps in a casino any longer - but right now I need to keep the dealing job for health benefits etc. until it doesn't make sense anymore where my personal income far exceeds what I am making in the casino right now.

What is the outcome you want to create with your new focus and future?
In a perfect world I want to set up my life in less than 5 years from now where I am earning no less than $20,000/month in fees that I am paid to manage paid media campaigns for clients.

In an ideal scenario, I want to have two clients paying me a $10,000/month fee.

I want to have two homes...
One in the USA
And one in another country around the world if all hell breaks loose here in the states and I need to leave.

I want to work when I want to work, travel when I want to travel, and deliver results for the clients I work with month in and month out no matter where I am or what I choose to do with my time.

This is a very results-oriented line of work, and can be done anywhere where there is an internet connection!

My passion for "turning advertising dollars into profit" for businesses and even myself (when I choose to start my own venture) will always be a personal passion of mine. The work itself fits perfectly with my personality, and pursuit of making things better while better optimizing specific processes and approaches along the way!

Be well and talk soon!

Scott Bradley
Evernote Scott
Media Buyer Scott
Las Vegas Dealer Scott
Super Duper Productive Scott
(Or whatever else that you want to call me depending on how you got to this page - LOL)

P.S. Again - if you want to explore the possibility of working with me...
Send an email to MediaBuyerScott [at] gmail [dot] com
In the subject line put: Your New Focus - Interested
We can schedule a call and go from there...

P.P.S. Here is a list of some of my past marketing accomplishments that I am super proud of that are part of my experience that you are getting when you choose to hire me...
#1 - Helped the first author I worked with in 2008/2009 drive 20,000-70,000 visitors through his website per month using social media. We built his email list from this traffic to about 3000 leads and later monetized them through a Frank Kern Mass Control product launch into a $70,000/year membership program. His book was also covered in Entrepreneur Magazine.

#2 - Helped the first ecommerce company I worked with in the bread making business (inside a very specefic segment of that market) more than double their direct to consumer sales through their website without using any paid media. We used many of the business assets available to them and their raving fans list of customers who loved them. All it took were a few tweaks and changes in process and results came very fast!

#3 - Helped the guinness world record holder for the longest breath hold under water, and the longest freedive under ice in a speedo get his video on the Today Show and Good Morning America (Here in the USA) within the same hour on the same day. For this campaign I was working directly with the Discovery Channel who was creating a documentary film on him. I also helped him craft and think about the structure he needed to have in place to create his product platform to add value to the people who wanted what he had to sell. We also helped him get to the front page of Reddit when he did his first "AMA", and also landed a front page story twice for him in less than 1 year!

#4 - Helped a New York Times Bestselling author create her new book, and execute her book launch where I came up with the title and the copy used on the back of the book for readers!

#5 - Created a massively popular YouTube channel in the Productivity Space (EvernoteScott) that has generated over 1,000,000 views across all videos on the channel without using any paid media.

#6 - Worked with a celebrity nutritionist where I wrote all of the lead generation and sales copy for her products where the sales letter I wrote converted at almost 3%.

There are many more stories to tell - but I don't want to overwhelm you with everything here.

If you want to see more testimonials from satisfied clients feel free to find them here