Thank You For Your Interest!
Please Read This Page Carefully

I realize that you are landing on a page that you were not expecting.

There is a reason for that.

I have decided to change my focus to a brand new business venture.

The previous page you were expecting to land on no longer applies to the new direction I am headed.

I am excited about what is next, and I hope you will support me in my new venture.

Read more below to get the important details about how I plan on adding value to you going forward.

What's your new focus Scott?
I have always had a passion for supporting people with their personal health and wellness... So I partnered with a direct sales company that manufactures health products that I love. This company also gives me the opportunity to sell the same products that I love to others. This allows me to create another stream of income on a part time basis. The more product that I sell, the more income I will make over the long run (It's a slow and steady process, but well worth it). I have many friends in the direct sales industry who have created "walk away income," and I am ready to create the same result for myself and others who want to do it with me using proven strategies and tactics without being a pushy obnoxious sales person that everyone hates.

How can you add value to me with your new direction?
If you are serious about being healthy, you can be a part of my own personal customer base who loves consuming the products.

What's in in for me?

I will continue getting paid commissions on your purchases as long as you stay a customer of mine, which means that we will have an ongoing relationship.

If you are inspired after taking the products like I was, you will also have the same opportunity to create an income like this on the side if you choose to as well.

Why are you choosing this vehicle Scott?
First...I get to sell top notch health products that support overall wellness for people I care about.

Second...I get to help other people solve their financial challenges and problems by plugging them into this simple system that allows them to earn income from day 1 on their own time (if they choose).

If either one of these points interests you, follow the directions listed below, so we can get on the phone to talk!

If you have any interest as a potential customer, OR you would like to learn more about how we can work together so I can support you in earning a stream of income with this too....

Send me an email to contact[at]scottbradley[dot]name subject line "Scott Let's Chat"

I look forward to hearing from you.

Scott Bradley

P.S. If you are wondering...Yes...this is a network marketing/direct sales opportunity that I am choosing to be a part of.

P.P.S. No...You don't have to "do the business" as a distributor if you don't want to only consume the products.

P.P.P.S. I would love for you to be my customer even if you never wanted to do the "business." The company makes a great product, and I love sharing it with those that I care about (That is you).